Why Choose Us

CBC was set up in 1999, located in Chengdu, the hometown of panda, SiChuan Province of China, CBC specializes in the production and sales of rare earth products, it has a share plant and a new material center, established in 2004.
The company's products are mainly rare earth salts and have passed ISO9001 quality system certification.
The product application areas cover glass and ceramic industrial, oil refining and fine chemicals, alloys and steel smelting, permanent magnet, laser, pharmacy, etc. which can be used for glass coloring agent, deoxidizers and petrochemical catalyst, additive in hard alloys, aeronautical material, neutron controlling material, super conductor, artificial stone and pigment, wastewater treatment, plastic additives and improver, automobile exhaust purification, CeO2 polishing powder, etc.



Advanced production technology, strict middle control analysis, in accordance with the prescribed production process parameters strictly control the production process. Advanced testing equipment, such as ICP-MS-MS, Atomic absorption spectrometer and Malvern laser particle size analyzer etc.


We can manufacture the special specifiction rare earth products according to customer requirments, such as special particle size, specific surface area and specific gravity. We can also provide special packing according to customer's requirements, such as vacuum packaging, inert gas filled, UN drum etc.


The core technologies provide us for the continual development of new products, Our Research and Development team will often work side by side with our customers to develop the right products that meet our customer’s specific purpose.