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Rare Earth Fluoride

CAS NO: 68188-85-2  EINECS: 269-166-1
Molecular Formula: REF3
Molecular Weight: 
Properties: White Powder, Insoluble In Water, Soluble In Strong Mineral Acids.
Synonyms: Lanthanide fluoride; Mixed Rare Earth Fluoride; Lanthanum Fluoride; Lanthanum Cerium Fluoride; Cerium Trifluoride.


TREO>% 83 83 83
La2O3/REO>% 33-37 33-37 33-37
CeO2/REO>% 63-67 63-67 63-67
F->% 27 27 27
Non-rare earth impurities<ppm
Fe2O3 50 100 200
CaO 50 200 300
SiO2 50 100 200
PbO 50 100 100
Al2O3 100 200 300

Applications: Rare Earth Fluoride used as additives in alloy, steel, welding electrodes, arc carbon, electroplating industry, for making Rare Earth metal.

The rare earth has been successfully applied to the welding materials of steel, which improves the welding process performance and improves the mechanical properties of the weld metal. The addition of rare earth fluoride to the surfacing and spray welding material can significantly improve the crack resistance of the surface, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance.

Rare Earth Fluride melting point is 1460 ℃, the boiling point is 2300 ℃. It can be used for luminescent materials such as film arc carbon rods, searchlight carbon rods, and used for steel additives.

Packing: Plastic woven bag inner with plastic bag. Net weight 25/50 kg.

Storage: Keep Sealed And Store In Dry And Cool Places.